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Who We Are

Team ABC

Autism Behavioral Center (ABC) is pleased to offer insurance funded Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to Massachusetts! Our comprehensive programming consists of in-home and in-center treatment in both one-on-one and groups settings. All programs are individualized to best serve our clients and their families.

Our experienced team is comprised of talented and intuitive individuals who operate with the common goal of creating independence and building connections with families affected by ASD. We work together in every area of service with a constant focus on improving and pushing our ABA disciplines to be best in class. With a clear dedication to providing gold standard services to our families, we are a provider with heart.

Our new 40,000 Sq Ft facility located in Berlin, Massachusetts on more than 4 acres of land offers a state of the art location for ABA services. Our center includes amenities such as a commercial 18-hole mini golf course, large pavilion space, playground, playing field, basketball court, professional yoga gym, art space, and double kitchen. This and more, is all available for our clients to learn, play, and grow!

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